mochi & jolie

A brand is born out of a journey. It has to stand for something you truly believe in and you get there by never compromising. We started Mochi & Jolie® because we believe timelessness is the embodiment of simplicity and creativity. Jewelry and accessories are the medium that connects our passion, creativity and individuality. 

Since 2009, with a deep appreciation for timelessly well-made objects, we design products that delight the heart and simplify life. Mochi & Jolie® Jewelry pieces are designed and handcrafted with captivating purity, precision, function and profound attention to detail. By embracing the materials and technologies at hand, they represent a graceful merging of modern production techniques and centuries-old craftsmanship traditions. Mochi & Jolie® M Fine™ Jewelry pieces are handcrafted by the best artisans in limited numbers and offered exclusively at our online flagship store.

With the intention of marrying reclaimed and precious materials in statement making silhouettes, Mochi & Jolie® continued to expand the horizon with the launch of its mixed-medium M Fusion™ Collection in 2015. 

Inspired by the true, unconditional love bonds between human and their four legged companions, an enviable Pet Lover Lifestyle Collection of high quality and joyful everyday products is in full swing, including Watches and Dog Tags for the pet lovers, Dog Apparel, Bows and Toys for the fur kids.

Welcome to the world of Mochi & Jolie®.

Mochi is a cuddly Maltese super model and the inspiring muse behind the brand.  She loves kissing, enjoying yummy food, sun bathing, and playing with her favorite toys.  Mochi is fearless and truly knows how to live a beautiful life.

Jolie is an affectionate Maltipoo super model and a guardian angel.  She loves cuddling, sun bathing, taking car rides, napping a few times a day and playing with her favorite squeaking toys. Jolie is a happy camper!