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Q: How to care for Mochi & Jolie® M Fine™ Jewelry?
A: Mochi & Jolie® M Fine™ Jewelry has been designed and handcrafted to the highest quality standards. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty and shine of your precious M Fine™Jewelry.

1. After wearing, wipe your jewelry with a professional jewelry polishing cloth. This removes oils, fingerprints and dust, and will keep your jewelry in pristine condition. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels, because the fibers can leave scratches on your jewelry.
2. Always put your jewelry on last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.
3. Store your jewelry pieces in individual small plastic bags, pouches or jewelry boxes to minimize tarnish as well as scratches.
4. Do not wear silver jewelry in water that is chlorinated and do not wear the jewelry while using household chemicals. Also, remove your jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming.

One of the safest and easiest ways to clean most jewelry is with mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. Brush your jewelry very gently with a soft toothbrush to loosen stubborn dirt. If the jewelry is very dirty, leave it to soak for 10 minutes before rinsing with clean water and patting dry with a soft, clean cloth.
(Very important: do not use detergent on pearls. And do not soak silver jewelry for too long, as this can affect some oxidized finishes.)

High design pushes the boundaries of imagination and craftsmanship. Jewelry pieces of extremely delicate design require professional special care when handling.

Q: What is Gold Vermeil?
A: Gold Vermeil, which is pronounced "vehr-MAY," is sterling silver covered in a layer of gold that's at least 10 karats and 1.5 microns thick. There are various different levels of quality in gold vermeil. As with pure gold, a higher number of karats mean a higher quality piece of jewelry. Our Gold Vermeil Jewelry pieces are sterling silver covered in 18-karat gold and 3 microns thick layers, thus the gold plating lasts longer.
Gold vermeil is comparable to pure gold in appearance and artisanship. Because of its primary composition of sterling silver, gold vermeil is considerably more affordable than pure gold. Since gold vermeil by definition cannot contain other metals, people with nickel allergies or sensitivity to other metals can wear gold vermeil jewelry pieces comfortably and safely.

Clean gold vermeil by gently wiping it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Do not treat it with chemical products, as they may remove the gold. Over time, gold vermeil typically becomes tarnished and covered in darkened patches, but a jeweler can restore its original appearance, if you like. Store gold vermeil in an airtight container or a lined jewelry box, and never swim in a pool or take a shower while wearing it.

Q: How to care for Mochi & Jolie® M Fusion™ Jewelry?
A: M Fusion™ is a mixed-medium Jewelry Collection, marrying found, reclaimed and precious materials in fashion forward silhouettes. In order to ensure your M Fusion™ jewelry is kept in its best condition, please take note of the following recommendations:
1. To ensure the life of your M Fusion™ jewelry, please do not expose it to water and excessive sunlight. Please remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing and swimming, and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.
2. Clean as often as needed using a clean, soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals, jewelry cleaners or polishing cloths on plated jewelry pieces, as this will affect the finish. It is normal for plating to wear away over time, but re-plating can be done by a goldsmith.
3. Store your jewelry pieces in individual small plastic bags, pouches or jewelry boxes to minimize tarnish as well as scratches.
4. LEATHER is a natural product and is best wiped with a soft, dry cloth for daily care. Water or harsh cleaners will strip away the natural oils, leaving it stiff an cracked. Stains should be removed immediately to avoid permanent marks and leather pieces should not be stored near direct heat.