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Mochi & Jolie

30 Days of Thanks to Our Fur Babies

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From this November 1st, we started a daily series we called "30 Days of Thanks to Our Fur Babies". We know our babies love us and we love them too, but how much have we learned or appreciated from them? Everyday we did a little "soul" searching and realized we have actually learned a lot from our pups. They really have changed our lives and made us a better person, less selfish and more giving. It is such a heartwarming and rejuvenating experience for us and we will treasure it forever.

SuperZoo 2012 Wrap Up

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This September, we headed to SuperZoo in Las Vegas again! It is always a great place to be, showcasing the latest and existing product lines, meeting new customers and hugging old friends. This year's event was exactly the same and more. We were happy to introduce our brands and products tomore boutique owners and buyers. We are working hard for a successful year of 2012 and beyond! :)


Our bosses, Mochi and Jolie seemed like had a great time at the show too! They were so popular at the show, many people came to take their photos and they acted like pros. They gave out many hugs and kisses too! :)


Custom Made... By Request... With Love

Behind the CurtainmochiandjolieComment

 "So, can you please make one for my little pup, JC?" 

Everything started from this line.


One afternoon, one of our designers' best friend, Calvin came to visit our studio and showed us his pup - JC's photos. We all fell in love with JC, a very cute west highland white terrier. Calvin loved our new collection and asked, "Can you make one special UCLA Bruin outfit for JC?" "Huh?" "It'd be so cool if JC can wear a Bruin outfit when we are watching all the Bruin games!" 

Being a loyal Bruin fan himself, no wonder he came up that idea. "That sounds fun! OK, we will see what we can do!" 

Our designers took on this personal project and turned it into such a fun piece. Mochi and Jolie can't wait to put them on first! "UCLA! fight! fight! fight!" We were all smiling and laughing... so cute and so fun!