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Pet Parent's Day -- April 25

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The nation’s only official day celebrating pet caregivers, Pet Parent’s Day lands on the last Sunday in April — this year, April 25.

For those who tirelessly scoop poop, dish out kibble and share a cramped bed with four paws, this day is for you.

You’ve planned birthday parties for Fido, bought specially-formulated oatmeal shampoo that costs more than your own, and made

a point to stroll down the pet aisle every time you shop at the convenience store. You might even plan vacations that include your pet, or make a point to carve out a couple of hours a day for playtime at home, a dog park or even the beach.

Devoted pet parents like you deserve more than a pat on the back. But celebrating Pet Parent’s Day with a furry or feathered friend doesn’t mean you have to go far from home or spend any extra bucks.

Some suggestions for the pet parents:

• Snuggle with your fur babies in bed all morning and then go for a jog/walk together later.

• Watch a great movies together: Lassie, Benji, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, Hotel for dogs...

• Create a new routine walk by mixing up the directions or going somewhere new. 

• Eat lunch at a restaurant that actually serves pets and humans. (Try this: Lazy Dog Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA)

• Try on a new outfit for everyone! May we suggest the Spring Collection from Mochi & Joiefor your fur babies? :)

Whatever your weekend plans, take some time to remember who the big dog in the house is and reward yourself with an extra

T-R-E-A-T, or two.