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Super Zoo 2011 -- Las Vegas

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It is always good to visit Las Vegas once a while, especially in September, because that is when Super Zoo is on.

This year, Super Zoo was a sold out show. There were still companies on the waiting list trying to get a booth to exhibit. What a booming industry! Lots of people visited our booth, old friends, new faces, and felt like we barely had a moment stop talking for a while. Though the overall economy is still not fully recovered yet, but we noticed quite a few brand new boutique stores are opening everywhere. Those new store owners are young, ambitious, and full of fresh ideas. We love to see new blood come in and bring fresh concepts and ideas to this industry. And hopefully they will bring more great products and services to the customers and their pups! What a great show it was! Fun, exciting, and inspiring!

So long, Vegas, for now. We will be back next year this time again. Till then, enjoy life and stay well!