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Tiffany blue, a color of particular taste and a mark of sophistication


TiffanyBlue is a specific shade of light blue, very similar to robin’s egg blue.  It is a color of particular taste and instant recognition among people familiar with the branding of Tiffany and Co.

TiffanyBlue is very commonly used to produce a cool, crisp, and elegant look when combined with white. When combined with brown or natural wood tones, TiffanyBlue can create a modern version of some retro styles. Though TiffanyBlue is a common shade, and many feel that it’s nature’s color and not Tiffany’s, few would deny the significance of a genuine TiffanyBlue box.

No matter what you want to call this shade of blue, there is no doubt that it draws attention. Its distinctive hue is a mark of class and sophistication. Its name has become a cultural reference, from Tiffany & Co., to the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's," to the history of the company and its role in modern culture. We are just in love with this hue!! Expect to see some Tiffany blue coming out of our fall's new designs! :)