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Mochi's birthday pawty!

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Mochi's Birthday Pawty was super fun and yummy! :) Look at all the delicious food we had! Especially the special homemade all organic coconut cupcakes!! Yum!! Not only it was a big hit for all the 4-legged ones, but also for all the 2-legged ones too! :)


We turned the office into a little "pawty land"! :)


Mochi made her birthday wishes and posed for all the cameras! :) Then the "can't wait for any longer" and "dig in" time started!! The little coconut cupcakes were gone in a minute and they came back for more!! :) Everyone had a great time and so much fun!! Thank you everyone for coming to Mochi's birthday pawty! She is truly so blessed and loved by so many people!! :)

Puppy Love Photo Contest to Celebrate Mochi's Birthday

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To celebrate Mochi's birthday on August 6th this year, we hosted a little fun event: "Puppy Love Photo Contest" on our Facebook page. Many fans submitted their beloved furry children's baby photos and it was really a tough competition! All the baby photos are so out of this world cute! They have brought us lots of smiles and happiness. Thank you for everyone who participated in this event! We had lots of fun!

And here are the Winner and the Honorable Mentions:


Work Smart! - Time to stock some new office supplies!

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Time to stock some new office supplies! And we haven't done so since the beginning of the year. Not only we want them to be practical, but also stylish too! So this Saturday, we took the "bosses" on a little trip to the Container Store since they are having a "Work Smart Office Sale" right now.

"Look, look! This way, this way! I want that! I want that!" The little boss/office supervisor, Mochi was all excited and ready to give us directions and do some serious shopping, and while Jolie was just cruising along as usual, "No treats, no toys?? This is not a store for me, that is for sure!" :)

The Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Hollywood Buffet Recap

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On May 7th & 8th, we spent 2 days at the 9th Annual Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Hollywood Buffet in Century City, Los Angeles. The two day long event not only gifted celebrities, but also gave back. This year's event was benefiting Best Friends Animal Society. There were quite a few really adorable dogs for adoption there and we hope they will find a lovely home call their own very soon.

We met many new and old friends. Mochi and Jolie had a blast. They were playing, chasing each other, rolling over on the grass...and of course they got a lot attention too. 

Our spring collection line was really popular and received rave reviews. Yeah! Let's keep the great work coming!


Our sun umbrella -- little dress tops become the small wind chimes. How cute!


Our table -- looks pretty good! :)


Harper was modeling our Amelie dress. She looked so adorable in that dress! This was her very first dress

and it looked like custom made for her. Harper and her daddy fell in loved with it!!

We were so happy to see them happy too. :)


Another "model-like" chihuahua was trying on

our Bailee dress dop. He was such a pro!:)

New hair accessories

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The new hair accessories line is still under development but it has already generated some great buzz.

To help us improve the design, we invited our "supermodel" Mochi to take a couple test shots at our studio.

She is such a pro and we are very happy with the look. Cute, Cute, Cute! 

And the clip is really easy to put it on and won't slide off. :) Yeah!


Mochi, Jolie and Me

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Mochi and Jolie love me. They love to be near me. The closer the better.  I know that while oftentimes this is due to undying devotion to be near me, I also accept that sometimes it isn't me at all that is the attraction. It is what I am doing. Such as eating. Or looking like I'm going to eat something. 

Yes, I admit it, we all think about food constantly, but especially Mochi. She knows my daily routine -- when I am going to have my three meals and when I am going to grab a late night snack. She thinks she should get one too whenever I have one. And she thinks whatever I am having must be delicious. Oddly enough, for a dog, she LOVES fruits, specially apple. As soon as I grab one out of the fridge, nothing can allure her away until she satisfyingly "finishes" the apple with me together. Jolie is a lot pickier. She only goes for the ones have meat or sweets. They love the clicking sound of me opening a cookie jar -- no matter how far away, they will appear right in front of you in no time.

But, yes, I love the fact that mostly they follow me because they love me and want to be with me all the time. As soon as I sit down on my office chair, Jolie wants to be "squeezed" between me and the back of the chair. Mochi always wants to be on my laps. This can sometimes make actually working a little challenging, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Our dogs bring us such joy with their love and devotion. Their loyalty is unchallenged by few human friendships. They love us no matter who we are, how much money we make, how famous we aren't or any of the other things the world judges us by. Dogs are one of the greatest gifts we are given. They are angels from heaven. Hug your dog today.

Precious photos of Baby Mochi!!

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These precious photos of baby Mochi were taken 2 years ago when she was one week shy to be a 12-week old puppy and weighted not even a pound. When her mom found out that the photo studio where these photos were taken was closed, her heart was broken. She did everything she could to track down these photos and didn't give up. And thank heaven, she finally found them!! All the photos were found and saved. We are just so happy for her as these precious photos can now last forever! And they bring joy and happiness to everyone! 

Feel the Joy, Spread the Love, Happy Holidays!!